Game description
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Kick Zombie Voodoo

As a player, take part in a zombie-infested world in speedy motion action of our game Kick Zombie Voodoo. Every strike, punch, kick, and hedge you’ll make it through the night thirsty zombies that are eager to ingest your brains.


Here the fast-paced action, you’ll be the brave survivor who fight on and pass endlessly through battle scenes imposed by a post-apocalyptic desert-like scenery. Being armed only with your brains, to body ratio, and your faithful kicks, you’ll engage in combat with zombies that are oozing deadly blood and walking out of Limbs, to those which are monstrously big and can run fast.


However, it isn’t just muscle power that plays the main role; rather it is the tactics. Take advance of the surroundings in your favor, unearthing traps and attracting zombies into sudden death. And when the challenge imposed upon you becomes insurmountable, enchant the voodoo power within to prank the opponents. Use our AI to write for you about any topic!


Thanks to the realistic graphics, and the dynamic gaming environment, this game will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, your heart speeding, as you do your best to survive. And so Brace yourselves, lift up on your fingers and run straight towards the zombies that want to eat your brains in this adventurous game.


Get set for Voodoo in the Zombie which is a pulse-pounding ride. Presented are this harrowing game, you will decide the fate of a daring survivor that is fighting against an unspeakable clutches of menacing zombies. Equipped with nothing but your smartness and some intensive kicks, you have to run through the obstacles while putting down the relentless zombies in order to get to the safety.

How to Play:


Tap or click to jump or kick: these are your two primary buttons. If zombies come close to you, hit them off with kicks and try to make your way through. Collect power ups and weapons here and there to provide you a little help in the course of the game. Along with rising level of difficulty other things like multiple zombies and more obstacles are there. Can you be faster than the zombies? Can you elude them and walk away to safety?


Ultimate fast-paced action and fun that you will love and get hooked on soon.

A wide range of power-ups and armament to assist you in falling zombies in your way.

Each level growing accordingly with the complexity to check your skilfulness.

With colorful graphics and a high level of immersion that Kick Zombie Voodoo has going on for it in suspended animation.

The addictive Gameplay that will make you go for it many times!


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Mouse/Touch: Click or tap to kick and interact with the game environment.
  • Keyboard (optional): Use arrow keys or WASD for movement or additional controls.