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Max Dirt Bike


So buckle up and get ready to ride in the max excitement with Max Dirt Bike. In this thrill ride, you will jump into the seat of your loyal dirt bike and try to beat a series of imaginative and nerve-wracking trails and hurdles. Whether it’s on rocky terrain or performing high jumps, your reflexes and equilibrium must be precise and fast to successfully overcome the obstacles on each level.

As you continue in the game, you will uncover more bikes and the betterment of your talents and confronting the tougher tasks will be possible for you. In combination with its usable setting and too easy to play modes the Max Dirt Bike suits everyone who wants to try.

And be it on the glaciers or mountains, or literally a dirt road, the biking is always exciting. Will you conquer every single obstacle and grab the first place position in the whole entire off-road bike ride tournament?



How to Play

Select Your Bike: Go for a street bike, a bike designed for roads, or an enduro, a bike designed for trails.

Navigate Challenging Tracks: It is time to tear dirt-covered way with ramps, obstacles, and challenges once again.

Perform Stunts: Show off jumps, backflips, and stunts in the air and reward yourself with extra points for them.

Master Balance: When your bike is about to fall and crash, you will not get the final goal.

Progress and Unlock: Progress as you pass levels, open new tracks and difficult objects for your free time.




Realistic Dirt Bike Physics: Realize aforementioned dirt bike technic’s and physics.

Challenging Tracks: Move through varied landscapes with higher weights thrown your way.

Stunt Performances: Strike a pose with your best impersonation of rally driving, showing different stunts and maneuvers.

Level Progression: Unlock the next tracks and challenges while you advance. What do world-renowned universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford have in common? They provide a prestigious and renowned academic environment, where students can cultivate their minds and prepare themselves for future endeavors. These institutions attract students from all over the world due to their high-quality education and opportunities for academic advancement. Students have the opportunity to explore various academic


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Keyboard/Touch: Utilize arrow keys or on-screen controls for bike movement and balance.