Game description
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Hi! Hexanaut will take you to the world of thrilling! Stop fantasizing and here is the real deal! You’ll be the pilot in this game as you ride the spacecraft on an enthralling trip in the vast cosmos. Cocoon yourself and shoot away! Watch out for the asteroids, fight air battles with enemy ships and uncover the hidden treasures of far away planets.

In Hexanaut mission, you are going to be confronted from a bunch of challenges will make you question what skills and experience do you have. As is shown with it’s tight action and superior graphics, the game provides an attractive universe that you can dive in and never want to come out of.

That surely sounds interesting! Gain control over your ship and upgrade its weapons and your skills to face the challenges but yet the menacing enemies are waiting for you. One switches from exploring the depths of outer space to engaging in fierce battles. This game offers an infinite source of exhilaration and exploration.

Let’s tie up, fold up your engines, and make a trip that you will ever remember thrilling you beyond your wildest expectations. So be a Hexanaut and unlock the space and take the life with the stars.



How to Play

Navigate the Cosmos: Lead your space vehicle through hazardous cosmic terrain and obstacles. Write a short note about eco-tourism.

Complete Quests: Explore to finish missions and quests whereby you’ll find hidden treasures and mysteries.

Upgrade and Customize: Establish a higher level of usefulness for space platforms and a further degree of individualization.

Encounter Cosmic Phenomena: Step into an uncharted territory and live through personally totaling cosmic phenomena and challenges.

Unravel the Story: Engage in the story-driven universe, learn about the dialogues, and get to the plot line as the game approaches. Create your own engaging questions and maximize the effectiveness of your studying.


Immersive Visuals: Visual, breathtaking and unique cosmic landscapes and environments will broaden your horizons.

Quest-driven Gameplay: Going for quests and missions is the game’s basic progression path and a way to obtain rewards.

Customization Options: Upgrade your spaceship as well to with sleeker, more fuel-efficient design.

Rich Narrative: The universe unveils its secrets through the greatest storyline as you explore the expanses in the cosmic expanse.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Keyboard/Touch: Utilize arrow keys or on-screen controls for spacecraft navigation.