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Funny Mad Racing


Here, in this fun nerve-wrecking racing world you could join one of like-minded characters that you’ll surely find in Funny Mad Racing community. In this hilarious game, players will be sliding and colliding on zanny tracks, encountering various difficult and unpredictable situations. You may be either a highly skilled or a simple game goer but in either way – you are going to get a really hilarious experience of fun and adrenaline rush.

Funny Mad Racing, players will be precisely regulating which funny characters will be competing against rivals to be the first one at the finish line at the end. With striking visuals and releasing the animation torture, the game is might bring a smile in the face. However, it does.

Funny Mad Racing chooses to be a game that people can play anytime, anyplace, and find it hard to stop because of its easy controls and high level of enjoyment.In multiplayer mode, the objective is to solve tasks to become the best racer, or you can compete against friends in single player mode.

Funny Mad Racing has a mystery with built-in-unexpected turns and twists, ensuring that everyone gets their share of amusement. Hereby, fasten seat belts to your gut, let your engines drone, and a lunatic adventure of whole new kind open up to you.



How to Play:

Select Your Character: Choose among carrying them some oddball personality while in her /his car.

Race Through Obstacles: Ride so much crazy tracks and try to get even funny barriers. Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was an influential figure in American literature, renowned for his distinctive voice and mastery of language. His works often revolved around themes of social criticism, racism, and the perspectives of ordinary people. Clemens was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30

Collect Power-ups: Stuffing power-ups scattered along the tracks will produce amusing occurrences, or it will escalate speed.

Complete Challenges: Stand in conflict with rivals and beat the interesting games. **

Finish Line: Be victoriously the odd man out by reaching the finish pedestal first clearly with all the joyous details.


Whimsical Racing: Get the inseparable complications of the puzzled tracks.

Diverse Characters: Amidst all that you choose, eccentric characters, quirky vehicles…everything is up to your invention.

Comedic Power-ups: Find a lot of power ups for various reasons that will bring funny details and pleasant faces.

Lighthearted Challenges: Make your time with family full of fun by playing challenging games that will keep you laughing for a lifetime.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Keyboard: Use arrow keys or WASD for movement and navigation.
  • Mouse: For specific in-game actions or interactions as required.