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Cooking Festival


Welcome to Cooking Festival! Brace yourself for a sensation you have never had before that is a taste bud journey. The game, which is thrilling, will give you an opportunity to play the role of a chef who is new and perhaps wanting to show skill in what they do.

You will have the chance to cook up a storm during the festival, but keep in mind that the judges are very picky and will only be impressed with the most delicious foods.You’ll find flavors that will surpass your expectations, ranging from savory delights to sweet temptations.


And, bizarre as it may sound, there’s more to it than just cooking‚ÄĒthere’s a component called time and strategy.To assume the title of Cooking Champion Master, you will need to strategically arrange your supplies and resist the forces of your rivals.

As your play thrives with engaging graphics and user friendly gameplay, the food festival will entertain players of all ages.¬†By the way, don a chef’s hat and hence prepare your knives well, and the time will be free for your culinary adventure to commence!




How to Play:

Manage Your Kitchen: Be in control your kitchen, give directions to your staff and see to it that each and every dish is done through to the end before serving.

Prepare Delicious Dishes: Cook and Bake, stirring recipes and releasing different items in the pantry from the appetizer to the dessert.

Serve Hungry Customers: Customer satisfaction is the main goal accomplished by the delivery of services at the right time with the right accuracy to earn a reward.

Upgrade Your Kitchen: Invest in your kitchen which will help you to open up new recipes and you will also learn some great skills for a thriving festival.

Complete Challenges: Overpower different culinary challenges and occurrences to earn additional point and awards.




Diverse Cuisine: Find various types of cuisine from staple street food delicacies to gourmet masterpieces.Multiple threats, including pollution, habitat loss, and proximity to the ever-increasing densely populated cities, have led to the decline of city and wildlife ecosystems worldwide.

Customer Interaction: Implement escalating measures to meet the distinct needs and requests of different customers which is the basis of the maximization of satisfaction level.

Festival Atmosphere: Plunge into the lively urban setting of a hot food show and feel it by hearing and seeing the heightened atmosphere.

Upgrades and Unlockables: Renovate your kitchen appliances, unlock new meals, and broaden your cooking skills. Create a translation quiz, where students can test each other’s memory skills. Once students feel confident, show them a list of words and sentences written in the new language. To make it more engaging, introduce different words, phrases, and expressions. Give them time to memorize them and form small groups where they can repeat and

Challenging Levels: Get through goals from the time-management and cooking skills of prior levels in the mode of each difficult level.



  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Mouse/Touch: Click or tap to interact with kitchen elements, prepare dishes, and serve customers.
  • Drag: Use drag-and-drop mechanics for a seamless cooking experience.