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Rally Point Online

We at Rally Point online aim at the best on strategies, enthusiasm and thrill of high-speed racing on track paired with the excitement of the online competition. Grab your controller and your jaws ready to set you off to the fun experience of speeding through the tracts against players across the worlds.


In Rally Point Online, you will act as a professional driver, the one that knows how to keep his car in control on every turn, every copier on every difficult track. The player can use the responsive keyboard or gamepads and gets to experience physics like a real-life race that is a tryout of the skill and reflexes of the gamer.


To select from the range of vehicles available, each equipped with its own individual virtues and handling. Whether you are more all about the sporst car’s speed or the off-road truck durability, there’s something for every kind of racer.


Accelerate with excitement in the multiplayer races where you can compete in real-time for a position in a more competitive field based on your performance.You may find yourself outpacing your friends or forming healthier relationships with complete strangers in competitive racing to succeed with willpower, or you may collaborate with your friends to take on team-based tasks.


With the greatest graphics and an exciting driving simulation, it gives you the most freedom and thrill for the longest amount of time.Thus, prepare yourself for action and start playing the online championship that resembles a rally! You’ll be able to take control of the vehicle and race to the finish line!



How to Play

Showtime in Rally Point Online is a piece of cake, yet an adrenaline is a rush. First pick of your auto of the best motor together with different selection of cars along with trucks with unique qualities. Pick the car you’d like to race with and then it’s your time to square off with the track and show how awesome your catching skills are. Apply interactive controls and pay attention to direction, acceleration and braking in order to successfully compete in the real time against online opponents.

One of the secrets to being a top player in Rally Point Online is mastering cornering, drifting, and boosting.Make plans for winners and losers as you battle for the victory, try to predict your opponents’ next movements, and cross the finish line first within the main group.Always expect an exciting game and a rush of adrenaline, whether you are traveling alone or with companions.




– Realistic Racing Experience: Surround yourself by game of beautiful graphics, which along with physics create an even more realistic race.

– Multiplayer Mayhem: Run with players from all over the world in exciting multiplayer races set in breathtaking mountainscapes.

– Variety of Vehicles: Choose among the various motors car brands and heavy trucks, each of which virtually behaves differently on the road.

– Challenging Tracks: Race on a diversity of courses featuring smooth rollers and tight bends even at the most advanced levels.

– Customization Options: Personalize the way your vehicle describes your style for you through options such as the engine, paint job, decals, and so much more.

– Social Connectivity: Apart from meeting with friends and teammates, chatting with the other racers, and competing for titles in this competition will be among your priorities as you try to rise to the top position of the leaderboards.




  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)




  • Keyboard: Use arrow keys for steering and control, spacebar for handbrake, and keys for acceleration (if supported).
  • Mouse/Touch: Click or tap for menu navigation or interactions.



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