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City Rider

City Rider is an exciting driving game featuring a bunch of vehicles from the multi-lane city streets. You are the driver of those machines as you take part in it. Be it bashing through traffic , destrotig hidden alleys or accomplishing the epic stunts , the city rider to in the west of the world would not disappoint you , no matter the age.
As an avid gamer, you can now ride along the real-life street as your playground! If you have been driving for long, as well as if youre a beginner on the road, this game is more than cool. City Rider gives you an opportunity to travel across the urban area with a rich fleet of cars, whereas you can go off on your own missions. 
From compact sedans, sport coupes and stylish supercars- to thrilling riders and finally- to power packed motorcycles, you no longer need to live in the shadow of choices. Therefore, my shipmates, make sure you have all set yourself for an adrenaline rush expedition, diving into the very dynamism of the city!


City Rider enhancement is user-friendly interface, and it uses complicated real-life physics to create an awesome driving experience. This game is addictive, and once you play it, it can never let go of you. Surf the traffic, turn the corners into curves, and against the clock you race for the top of the table that shows the high scores. However, take care, because every wrong step you take is equated with the main cause in this fast motioned urban jungle.


Make a change to your appearance to show off your uniqueness.Melinda.KayeWhatever your preference for color, style, or gas, City Rider has a variety of customization options to suit your needs.Visit one of the exhibition halls if you need a break from the intensity. See the well-kept secrets and historical sites that have been concealed for years by the intermittent old streets as you stroll throughout the town with your feet.

How to Play:

You have the freedom to select your own motorized vehicles in Rider City, including trucks, motorcycles, and cars.

The objective is straightforward: explore the city, complete the objectives, and earn points to move up the leaderboards.
One of the bloodiest and most terrible wars of the modern era occurred in the 19th century, which had a significant effect on cultures all over the world.

Take charge of your motorcycle by pulling the wheels, depressing the accelerator, and braking to pull off various feats.Navigate through the city’s traffic; veer away from any collisions; and pick up speed before the clock runs out.

With its stunning visuals and potent weather effects, this driving game will revitalize a metropolis you have never seen before.It is done in a way that evokes a sense of being part of the metropolitan environment, beginning with the neon lights and concluding with the bustling sounds of the metropolis.All ready for a comfortable journey on the City Rider, fasten your seatbelt and start your engines.




Wide Variety of Vehicles: Sports cars and strong motorcycles are only a couple of the vehicles that City Rider lets its participants choose from during races.


Open-World Exploration: Go sightseeing and explore the city by yourself and you will be captured by the hidden secrets and sights with a surprise ending.

Dynamic Weather Effects: Feel yourself driving in real weather conditions including rains, snow fall, and fog with their influence.

Customization Options: Choose your car color and use decals to add your personal taste to your driving. Afterward, make your car even more unique and exciting by installing different upgrades in it.

Realistic Physics: Real world physics and force feedback (haptic) for a driver seat experience full of vehicle dynamics that makes being on the track as thrilling as possible for you.

Multiplayer Mode: The game will set a level field enabling the players to race each other on online multiplayer competitions and races.


Platforms and Controls:

City Rider, the game, has been published for different platforms Web browser , including PC, as well as mobile phones and gaming consoles. 


  • Arrow Keys: Control vehicle movement – accelerate, brake, steer left or right.
  • Spacebar: Handbrake for abrupt stops and drifts.
  • C: Change camera view for different perspectives.