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Grab the heat of the moment with DRIVE MAD, a game that allows you to drive through a track full of potent cars. Get into the game, plan the way through the dangerous tracks full of obstacles or tests of your driving skills. Be it wave-coursing through arrows, combat racing speed vehicle, or fulfilling rugged landscapes exploration ambitions, DRIVE MAD is a ride filled with thrills.


How to Play:

DRIVE MAD plunge you into the world of racing when you become the driver of various high-speed cars. Your task is to get to the end on time without running into other cars. Driving in this game is made easy by its effective controls since they make the road full of dangerous turns to steer through simple to handle. Pick the perks and bonuses to bolster your performance. The assortment does not only include the missions, but also recognizes differences in every race, which this way keeps every gameplay special.



Dynamic Gameplay: A tense action that creates an experience of rapid movement brings the viewer close to the edge of the seat.

Diverse Levels: Try out different geography, be it urban, off-road, or anywhere else.

Customizable Cars: Improve your cars by giving them a machine upgrade and personal touches for a better performance.

Stunning Graphics: Race is never as engaging as the races that have top-notch visual appearance.

Challenging Obstacles: Take on overcoming a range of challenges and obstacles that will test your agility.

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Platforms :

We are proud to also have DRIVE MAD mobile and desktop versions available.



The game has adopted touch control for steering and acceleration to cover the mobile user. Desktop gamers can be awed by their increased accuracy, provided they have keyboard and mouse input devices. Where ever you play, DRIVE MAD will always be an exciting and engaging car rider.