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The Mergest Kingdom


We are glad to introduce you to the land of Mergest Kingdom, here both strategy and creativity work together, to create a mesmerizing game. Playing this magically game you’ll begin from constructing a tiny civilization and growing into an Empire. Merging the components you will be amused and find out the hidden secrets of the universe.

An enviable graphic style, and an easy interface The Mergest Kingdom immerses you in a fairy tale better than reality. Your world it never too limited, whether you decide to blend treasures to build magnificent objects or put together mythical creatures to guard your country, your goal will be the key.

You will most certainly gain an entertaining experience as you’re moving through the game and you will face the challenges and obstacles that will make you use your wit and intelligence. However, flip over the coin, you will see that braveness, cunningness, and patience go far in any undertaking.

Through the use of an enveloping soundtrack and captivating storyline, The Mergest Kingdom installs you in a magical surroundings whose beauty arouse your curiosity and excitement. Then you, brave one, call your followers, and troop to the once-again-united Kingdom and become the ruler.

How to Play:

  1. Merge Items: Combine identical elements to create upgraded and more powerful items.
  2. Expand Your Kingdom: Strategically place merged items to expand your kingdom and increase its prosperity.
  3. Complete Challenges: Tackle various challenges and quests to earn rewards and unlock new features.
  4. Rule the Realm: Build a flourishing kingdom, unlock new territories, and dominate the realm through strategic merging.



  • Using the merging mechanics, you can improve your kingdom and unlock new aspects by combining items.
    Strategic Gameplay: Arrange your movements carefully to maximize your kingdom’s expansion and effectiveness.
    Challenges and Quests: Take part in challenges and quests to gain worthwhile rewards.
    Bright Graphics: Take in the breathtaking scenery of an enchanted kingdom.
    Unending Growth: Get access to new areas and keep growing your dominion forever.



  •  web browsers 
  • mobile devices


Game Details:

  • Genre: Merge, Strategy
  • Developer: Merge Studios


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