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Uphill Rush 7


Immersion into the most daring Uphill Rush 7, where each corner of the rush brings you closer to the feeling of excitement. This is intriguing game that gives you an unbelievable rush as you speed through complicated tracks with obstacles in your way, ramps, and much more. You can get bored no matter whether you are skateboard, riding a bike, or even dolphin, but Uphill Rush 7 ever guarantees you the ultimate fun.

Characterized by outstanding graphics and natural movement, Uphill Rush 7 creates a gaming environment that will keep you at the verge of the seat, and this is certainly a smooth ride to enjoy. Race against competitors, create jaw-dropping gymnastics moves and collect those shiny coins that will help you overcome each level. Get to customize a range of characters and cars that each have their own individually customizable qualities and improvements.

The game Uphill Rush 7 is highly addictive and not only about speed and adrenaline. So, it is not only about chance but also strategy and educated guessing too. Employ power-ups to gain the upper hand against your rivals, and be quick to adapt your tactics in order to successfully navigate the toughest challenges.

Whether a teen or an adult, the player will spend endless hours playing thanks to the diversity of game modes available, such as Time trials, Races, and Challenges.Don’t hesitate any longer and buckle up, buckle up, and fasten your seat belts as we take you on an exciting adventure through Uphill Rush 7!

How to Play:

  • Race Selection: Select a car from a variety of models and choose from several race types and tracks which differ in difficulty and environment.Customization: Choose your favorite avatar from different categories and also adjust its look with different outfits, skins, and upgrades.

    Stunts and Tricks: Do daring maneuvering and master some amazing tricks to get additional points for pleasure.

    Challenge Modes: Perform to time trial, race against opponents, or generate wish for high scores in various game modes.


  • Diverse Tracks: Ride the water slides, roller coasters and other thrilling rides that promise to baffle your minds or question your sanity.

    Customization Options: personalize the gaming atmosphere by offering different outfits and upgrades for the characters and machines.

    Stunt Performances: Do ambitious maneuvers which will let you gain awards and get you closer to success and satisfaction.

    Multiple Game Modes: Examine race in various modes with from easy to more difficult level. Also try different modes with the unique challenges and various races experience.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Keyboard or Mouse: Use standard keyboard controls or mouse clicks to steer, accelerate, and perform stunts during races.