Game description
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Subway Surfers Poki


Embark on an exciting adventure with “Subway Surfers Poki,” a thrilling addition to the collection of 1000 free games to play. Join Jake, Tricky, and Fresh as they dash through the subway, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. This endless runner game offers non-stop action, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

“Subway Surfers Poki” is an endless runner game that takes you on a fast-paced journey through the bustling subway tracks. As Jake and his crew, your objective is to run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and evading the pursuing inspector and his dog. Collect coins along the way to unlock power-ups, characters, and various customization options.



How to Play

  1. Objective: Run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.
  2. Swipe Controls: Swipe left and right to switch lanes, up to jump, and down to roll.
  3. Obstacles: Dodge trains, barriers, and other obstacles to stay in the game.
  4. Power-Ups: Collect power-ups like the hoverboard and jetpack to help you navigate the tracks.
  5. Coins and Upgrades: Gather coins to unlock new characters, outfits, and upgrades.
  6. Challenging Missions: Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn rewards and bonuses.



  • Vibrant Graphics: Enjoy colorful and detailed visuals that bring the subway world to life.
  • Variety of Locations: Run through different subway environments, each with its own unique challenges.
  • Customization: Unlock and choose from a variety of characters and outfits to personalize your gameplay.
  • Power-Ups: Utilize exciting power-ups that enhance your abilities and boost your score.
  • Social Features: Connect with friends, compare scores, and challenge them to beat your high score.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Experience addictive gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.


Platforms and Controls

“Subway Surfers Poki” is available on multiple platforms:

  • Web Browser: Play directly in your browser without any downloads.
  • Mobile Devices: Download the game on your smartphone or tablet for on-the-go play.



  • Swipe: Use swiping gestures to control your character’s movements.


“Subway Surfers Poki” is the perfect game to satisfy your craving for fast-paced and addictive gameplay. Dash through the subway, perform daring stunts, and collect coins to unlock a world of customization and power-ups. With its engaging visuals, challenging obstacles, and endless excitement, “Subway Surfers Poki” offers a gaming experience that’s perfect for players of all ages. Join Jake and his crew on an unforgettable subway adventure and see how far you can go!