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Candy Rush


Welcome to Candy Rush, the world of candy where the adventure comes crashing with ecstatic rendezvous every single time! Plunge here into a world where you will enjoy the bright colors, bold challenges, and great deals. The excellent key traits of Candy Rush are its simple but intriguing gameplay and, on top of that, the attractive factor makes the game a good choice for a broad spectrum of different players. Are you prepared to end a craving of yours and join us on a sweet but BEST journey through Candyland?


Candy Rush’s immersive environment is full of a myriad of candy flavors complemented by the exhilaration of the games.¬†Players set off to itterative adventure, which they follow in the colorful world full of candies of all the varieties and shapes.¬†Even with its relative simplicity, Candy Rush has an addictive nature that is hard to stop with its sweet vibe for all ages of people.


By playing colored candies in a sequence of three or more similar sweets to form board combinations, colored candies can be removed from the playing area.The players are kept interested and engaged by new hurdles and barriers that they must overcome to master these advancing levels with the hookups.These kinds of bonuses and power-ups offer a little extra excitement to the gameplay and are quite useful for raising the difficulty and breaking several records.


However, rather than just popping the candies, Candy Rush incorporates positive life lessons too.¬†It’s that moment when you put all your doubts behind and straight into the billowing candy world where every single level brings new thrills and joys.¬†And so, go for your virtual candy battery and fill your virtual sweet tooth boxes in Candy Rush!!

How to Play:

Look no further than to Candy Rush if you’re a rookie to the best, no-fuss mobile gaming app.¬†Just a swipe or tap to connect three or more candies of the same color and watch as the color shift when adjacent candies fall into place.¬†The more candies you make, the more points you receive.¬†Understand that bonus power-ups and special rewards are out there and could help you take your candy quest to another level with some glittery candy bliss.¬†Our Candy Rush game contains hundreds of levels for you to discover on your journey and check out interesting challenges ahead of you!


Colorful Graphics: Go headlong into an energetic world where you will see lots of mouth-watering candies and imagery that you would love to catch.

Addictive Gameplay: In a today’s world with such a vast amount of game titles available on both mobile and entertainment platforms, Candy Rush stands out as a simple yet challenging game to obtain more intrigued players.

Power-ups and Bonuses: Let special candies be your secret weapon to propel you through tough levels and to ensure high scores.

Hundreds of Levels: Achieve the true success in the Candyland and become the MASTER of the candies by conquering each level.

Social Integration: Be social like never before and challenge for the very top spot at the leaderboard.

Platforms :

Candy Rush is a game that can be played both on mobile and web platform, hence you can have fun anywhere you want by cracking the big candy-matching combination.


  • Arrow Keys: Move character left, right, up, and down to navigate through levels.