Super Wrestlers Slaps Fury

Game description
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Super Wrestlers Slaps Fury is an outrageously entertaining game that puts you in the shoes of larger-than-life wrestlers ready to deliver powerful slaps and unleash chaos in the ring.

Get ready to engage in epic battles against opponents worldwide and show off your slapping skills in this unique, action-packed wrestling experience!

Unleash Thunderous Slaps and Devastating Moves

Prepare to deliver thunderous slaps and unleash various devastating moves on your opponents.

Build up your power gauge and release a jaw-dropping slap that will send shockwaves through the ring.

Perform jaw-crushing slams, bone-cracking suplexes, and bone-rattling finishers to dominate your opponents and claim victory in every match.

Engage in Hilarious and Intense Multiplayer Battles

Challenge your friends or compete against players worldwide in hilarious and intense multiplayer battles. Test your skills and strategy as you go head-to-head in fast-paced slap wrestling showdowns.

Prove your dominance in competitive ranked matches, participate in thrilling tournaments or engage in friendly matches for casual fun.

The ring is open, and the slapping frenzy awaits!

Customize Your Wrestler and Showcase Your Style

Personalize your wrestler and create a unique character that embodies your style and personality.

Choose from a wide range of outrageous costumes, masks, accessories, and signature slaps to make your wrestler stand out.

Mix and match different elements to create the ultimate slap-wrestling persona and make a lasting impression on your opponents.

Conquer Multiple Wrestling Arenas

Step into various wrestling arenas, each with its own unique theme and layout. Wrestle through bustling city streets, rowdy stadiums, or even exotic locations.

Adapt your strategy to the environment and use the surroundings to your advantage.

Smash opponents against steel cages, bounce off ropes for extra momentum, or perform high-flying moves from turnbuckles.

The choice is yours!

Rise to the Top and Become the Ultimate Slap Wrestling Champion

Climb the ranks, earn fame, and become the ultimate slap wrestling champion.

Prove your skills in intense career mode, where you’ll face increasingly tough opponents in your quest for glory.

Take on challenging missions, unlock new arenas, and master your slapping techniques to cement your status as the reigning champion.

Enjoy Hilarious Commentary and Crowd Reactions

Experience the excitement of slap wrestling with hilarious commentary and roaring crowd reactions.

The colourful commentators will entertain you with their witty remarks and humorous observations.

The crowd’s enthusiastic cheers and gasps will amplify the thrill of the matches, creating an immersive and engaging wrestling atmosphere.

Play with Friends and Unleash Chaos in Local Multiplayer

Gather your friends and engage in chaotic local multiplayer matches. Connect multiple controllers and engage in uproarious slap battles in the same room.

Experience the joy of laughter, friendly competition, and shared fun as you slap your way to victory.

Super Wrestlers Slaps Fury brings people together for unforgettable gaming moments.

Prepare for a slap-tactic showdown like no other in Super Wrestlers Slaps Fury. With hilarious gameplay, outrageous moves, and fierce competition, this game guarantees hours of laughter and entertainment. Step into the ring, raise your hand, and unleash your slapping fury on your opponents!