Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief 

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Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief 

The newest game to join 1000 Free Games To Play, “Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief,” will let you experience the excitement of a nighttime theft! In this heart-pounding 3D parking game, test your driving prowess and navigate the city under the cover of darkness as you take on risky missions.

Players of “Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief” are thrust into a high-stakes world of precision parking and nocturnal thefts. Your goal as a professional criminal is to drive through urban areas, sidestep hazards, and skillfully park stolen vehicles without drawing attention from the police. Do you feel up to the task?

How to Play:

  1. Choose Your Ride: Select your preferred car from an impressive lineup of sleek, stolen vehicles.
  2. Navigate the Night: Drive through the city streets, avoiding obstacles and maintaining a low profile.
  3. Precision Parking: Master the art of parking as you carefully maneuver the stolen cars into designated spots.
  4. Avoid Detection: Stay one step ahead of the law by evading police patrols and security cameras.
  5. Complete Missions: Take on a variety of thrilling missions, each with its own set of challenges.
  6. Upgrade Your Fleet: Earn rewards and upgrade your collection of stolen cars for more daring heists.


  • Magnificent 3D Visuals: Lose yourself in an aesthetically striking urban landscape at night.
    Difficult challenges: Demonstrate your mastery of parking by taking on increasingly difficult challenges.
    Drive a range of pilfered vehicles, each with unique handling and speed characteristics.
    Dynamic Nighttime Environment: As you move through the night, get a sense of a live, breathing metropolis.
    Realistic Controls: Take pleasure in responsive and simple controls for a genuine driving encounter.


  •  web browser
  • mobile

Game Details:

  • Genre: Racing, Simulation
  • Developer: NightDrive Games
  • Release Date: September 2022 (Web)
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)


Q: Is the game suitable for casual players?

A: Absolutely! “Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief” combines thrilling heist action with accessible gameplay suitable for all levels of players.

Q: Can I customize my stolen cars?

A: While customization options are limited, you can unlock and upgrade various stolen cars throughout the game.

Q: Are there time limits in the missions?

A: Yes, missions are time-sensitive, adding an extra layer of challenge to each heist.