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Step into the wild VEX 7 universe and get ready for new types of thrills and awe-inspiring adventures! Sometimes, the challenges may be scary, crazy, or uncertain, but they are also thrilling! In this thrilling game, you will walk through the gazebo of ten levels in which accuracy and timing form the mainstay.

VEX 7’s fast-paced gameplay and attractive visuals gives you the opportunity to experience a lot of emotions: exhilaration or restlessness maybe. Just like you are not prepared of the pits of danger and massacring traps you must count on quickly reacting and good intuition to make it through.

And don’t be afraid, with the help of perseverance and determination you’ll get to the top of each level and discover even more of the secrets about this magical world. From the sky’s loftiest heights to the darkest dungeons, every second of VEX 7 is run by a clear shot of lively adventures and thrill.

Combining a highly addictive gameplay and hard-to-solve challenges, VEX 7 will not be an exception. It will make players of any age lose their minds in the game. Then get ready, be brave, and as you master what is required for this adventure, you will be in the VEX 7!

How to Play:

  • Move Accurately: To ensure accurate movement, make use of the on-screen controls or the arrow keys.
    Master the Jumps: Move through complex platform arrangements while precisely timing your jumps.
    Steer clear of traps: To go to the next checkpoint, avoid saws, spikes, and other obstacles.
    Gather Power-Ups: Use well-placed power-ups to improve your skills.
    Conquer Levels: In order to advance, overcome a range of obstacles across several levels.



  • Dynamic Platforming: Move with ease and energy in a setting that is visually pleasing.
    Increasingly difficult levels will put your abilities to the test.
    Experience a seamless gaming session with responsive controls that are easy to use.
    Strong Power-Ups: Find and use power-ups wisely to get past challenges.
    Immersive Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the action as the captivating soundtrack matches the action.


  • web browsers


  • Arrow Keys/On-Screen Controls: Navigate through the game environment.
  • Spacebar: Execute jumps and other actions.


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Game Details:

  • Genre: Platformer, Action
  • Developer: VEX Studios