Game description
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Go Up Dash


Welcome to “Go Up Dash,” an exciting addition to the realm of 1000 free games to play. Get ready to challenge your reflexes and coordination as you navigate through an ever-changing maze while avoiding obstacles and climbing to new heights.

“Go Up Dash” offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience that will test your agility and decision-making skills. Your mission is to guide a vibrant character through a series of vertical levels filled with obstacles and challenges.



How to Play

  1. Tap to Jump: Tap anywhere on the screen to make your character jump.
  2. Avoid Obstacles: Navigate your character through a maze of moving obstacles, spikes, and platforms.
  3. Climb Higher: Keep jumping and avoiding obstacles to climb higher and reach new levels.
  4. Collect Stars: Gather stars along the way to earn points and unlock new characters.
  5. Time Your Jumps: Time your jumps carefully to avoid getting hit by obstacles and falling off the screen.



  • Endless Gameplay: Experience endless levels that gradually increase in difficulty as you progress.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Enjoy colorful and engaging graphics that add to the game’s excitement.
  • Unlockable Characters: Collect stars to unlock a variety of fun and unique characters.
  • Challenge Friends: Compare your high scores with friends and compete to see who can climb the highest.
  • Quick Sessions: Enjoy quick gaming sessions that are perfect for filling short breaks.


Platforms and Controls

Play “Go Up Dash” on the following platform:

  • Mobile Devices: Download and play the game on your iOS or Android device.



  • Tap: Tap anywhere on the screen to make your character jump.


“Go Up Dash” is a thrilling and addictive game that will keep you entertained as you aim to climb to new heights and achieve the highest scores. With its simple controls and challenging gameplay, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Challenge yourself to beat your own high scores and show off your jumping skills to friends and family. Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Download “Go Up Dash” and start your ascent now!