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Stick Duel Battle is an endless arena game with diverse melee weapons. A fantastic gaming experience awaits you, complete with realistic weaponry, physics, and tactical terrain. In 2 Player mode, you may play Stick Battle Duel with a friend on the same computer. In both 1P and 2P modes. To win, you need to have flexible playing tactics, attack at the right time to destroy the opponent as quickly as possible. And it is necessary to collect weapons as quickly as possible to counterattack. Join the game and get the first five stars to be the winner of this multiplayer game.



Unique vivid graphics

Explore different types of guns

The game space is changed every turn

1 player or 2 player mode option


Some pointers on how to improve your gaming

Go towards the walls if you wish to soar.

Your skateboard may be used as a shield.

Keep a safe distance from fire pits!




How to play


Use “ARROW KEYS” to Move

Use “L” to Shoot




Use “F” Shoot