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Square Bird


Greetings from the humorous Blad Bird, where you take on the role of a determined pilot who has to reach the highest point as quickly as possible.Square Bird offers a terrific casual gameplay experience with customizable difficulty levels that will guarantee hours of enjoyment for players of all ages.Prepare to navigate a confusing labyrinth by gathering building bricks to construct your own tower and advance to new levels.But keep in mind that although a misfire will make you feel like the greatest person alive, a successful shot will heighten the tension.


Embark upon the extraordinary tour in Square Bird’s realm, where a sprightly bird fuels the drive to reach for what would be the highest tower possible.┬áTap to start your bird breaking its wings and moving through an array of hurdles, collecting beautiful pieces on the way.┬áBy every salvage earned, a tower is lengthened but beware of traps that might infect you to start over.┬áThe game has simplified/easy operation which allow players to start the game with no trouble at all, but this game is so addictive is the reason you will be attracted back to the game very often.┬áCompete with your friends to determine who can get the greatest height, or ask if you can beat your own record.┬áThe cute looks and lively gameplay of Square Bird is certain to make it a hit not only with casual PC gamers but also with more hardcore counterparts.┬áHence swear with wings and fly high with Square Bird from this moment.

How to Play:


Playing Square Bird is as simple as to slide across the screen. Tap the screen to enjoy your bird flapping its wings and hopping through sky-high objects. As you go on the route, you keep on collecting blocks to help you build the tower higher and higher. Be persistent in getting past those blockades and hurdles to climb as tall as you can. If you can achieve this, you become the supreme winner. Strive to have a higher score than the last on each go and beat the previous game championship.




Simple, intuitive controls: Planty: Mapy: Tap bird to flap your wings and avoid obstacles.

Addictive gameplay: Widely appealling, and once you learn, you can’t stop playing.

Colorful graphics: The mesmerizing images that make up the Square BirdÔÇÖs world provides vibrance and captures the imagination.

Endless fun: There positive feedback procedurally based levels allow players to not only play the same, but play every time they play a game.

Compete with friends: Distribute your high scores so the goblin kingdom can know who conquers others and who reaches the top.


  • ┬áweb browsers
  • mobile devices



  • Tap and Hold: Drop blocks and control the height of your tower.


Game Details:

  • Genre: Casual, Arcade
  • Developer: Pixel Nest
  • Release Date: June 2020