Om Nom Connect Classic

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Om Nom Connect Classic


In Om Nom Connect Classic the planet of sweet treats and challenging puzzles, enter and see how they play together with each other. And that would be the sweet game in the which you will go on a yummy adventure alongside Om Nom, this adorable creature as you connect the same-colored candies to keep his insatiable hunger under control.

With easy to play but addictive mode Om Nom Connect Remix Classic, basically, it is the finest recommendation for the young and old gamers. All levels have in common the fact that they bring new ways of solving the problems that the levels represent. Attempting to make tempting mixtures of sweets or overcome obstacles that seem to be very hard is a spinoff that will neither make you happy nor stop you from going on to the next level.

Yet, it’s not all about the brain teasers, it’s about having fun and getting to relax into the leisure as gamers do. On the way through the game, you discover new levels and fortunately, special ability enhancements to make the gameplay addictive.

One most important thing, though, enjoy the sweet taste of those coveted stars – they are the ultimate bait allowing you to progress through game levels. Therefore, widen your eyes, take you device, and be ready to set the sweet-tasting trip the like nothing happened before. Om nom sounds like he is impatient and want to have a break to connect some tasty candies that will ofcourse bring him candy-connecting fun!


How to Play:

  • Connect candy: On the grid, draw lines to join candy that match.
    Finish Levels: Connect all the candies in a set amount of moves to solve puzzles.
    Accumulate Stars: Aim for excellence by accruing stars according to your achievements.
    Open Up New stages: Advance through a range of more challenging stages.
    Special candy: For extra challenges, come across special candy with exceptional powers.



  • Beautiful Images: Take pleasure in eye-catching images that showcase the endearing Om Nom.
    Interesting Puzzles: Try your mental faculties with a variety of connect-the-dot puzzles.
    Star Rating System: For best results, try to get a three-star rating for every level.
    Power-Ups: To get beyond challenging stages, find power-ups and boosters.
    Regular upgrades and fresh puzzle difficulties will keep you entertained.



  • web browsers 
  • mobile devices



  • Mouse or Touch: Use your mouse to draw lines connecting candies, or touch the screen on mobile devices.


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