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Vex Challenges

Be carried away by a thrill quest having both triumph and skills becoming limit of Vex Challenges, the game. Gather up and race to an array of intriguing obstacles and puzzles that will put your skills in balance and mind to the test.


As you engage in this issue, you’ll experience hurdles and challenges that require in-depth thinking and acute anticipation.¬†Catch up on ice, surmount treacherous grounds, glide across deadly pitfalls, and come to the finish line first.


However, as you move ahead, expect that each move will be accompanied with new obstacles that will spontaneously awaken those fingers. Focus, perseverance, and victory comprise the tools to overcome any Vex chinx that remarkably stand ahead.


Vex Challenge is a very addictive game due to its gameplay nature and limitless opportunities. It is fun to be played continually at any time. You have eleven days to be the hero and bring the ring to its rightful owner.


Set off an incredible voyage containing both stunning obstacles and brain-teasing puzzles by joining Vex Challenges. We’re going to see how strong your skills, your reflexes and the strength of your will are during your passage through the series of hazardous mazes and obstacles. Vex Challenges is an addicting game with a simple game play designed to bring tons of excitement and challenge into the players life.

How to Play:



Solve the puzzle as you guide your character through each level by using arrow keys as the controls. Overcome the challenges of jumping obstacles, dodge the lethal traps, and search for stunts to make it to the bottomless pit. Refine fast reactions along with cleverness and demonstrate your ability to beat one obstacle after another. Trying to overcome the next obstacle enhances the initial experience and gradually brings your abilities to the limits.




– The best thing about these games is the breath-taking features and intriguing stories, which definitely keep you hooked.

– Different kinds of obstacles and miscellaneous puzzles will be encountered which will require one to jump over spikes, circle the moving platforms and escape rotating blades.

– Non-linear level design with its own flavor and dynamics while still leaving players surprised every playthrough.

– Obtaining achievements and rewards at the end of challenges and landmarks.

– Compete with gambling with friends and with players from around the world by checking your name on the HMB peer leaderboard.

– Consistent upgrades having newly developed levels and features to help in retaining the game interesting and new.



Vex Challenges connects across many systems like Web browser, Mac, and mobile devices.

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  • Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to move the character and navigate obstacles.