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Brain Test” is an engaging and challenging puzzle game that puts your problem-solving skills and creativity to the test.

In “Brain Test,” you’ll encounter many puzzles that require thinking outside the box.

Each level presents a unique and thought-provoking challenge, from solving math equations and deciphering patterns to finding hidden objects and completing sequences.

The game’s intuitive interface allows you to interact with the puzzles using touch gestures and logical reasoning.

You may need to drag, tap, or swipe objects in the environment to trigger the desired outcome.

Be prepared for surprises; some puzzles may require unconventional thinking and clever problem-solving techniques.

“Brain Test” offers a mix of humor and clever wordplay, making the journey through each level an entertaining experience.

If you are stuck, hints can nudge you in the right direction or provide a creative clue to spark your imagination.

With its vibrant and colorful visuals, along with various levels that progressively increase in difficulty, “Brain Test” offers hours of brain-teasing fun.

Challenge yourself, sharpen your cognitive skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of cracking each puzzle as you advance through the game.

  • How To Play 

Solve many challenging and tricky puzzles.

Train your mind on different levels!

Solve logic puzzles with your wits.

Use different mechanics; think big! If you run out of ideas, use the clue to the puzzle.