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Stick Soccer 3D

Among the best 1,000 free games to play is Stick Soccer 3D, an engaging and immersive soccer game! Prepare to feel the excitement of soccer in a distinct and lively stickman universe. You’ll play as a stickman soccer player in this action-packed game, dribbling, shooting, and scoring goals on the pitch. For gamers of all ages, Stick Soccer 3D promises an exciting gaming experience with its 3D graphics, simple controls, and fast-paced gameplay. In this engaging soccer adventure, be ready to show off your abilities, compete in exciting matches, and lead your stickman side to victory!

Stick Soccer 3D is a fast-paced soccer game with 3D graphics and stickman characters that offers a novel twist. You’ll play thrilling matches as a stickman soccer player against different opponents, each with their own special playing style and challenge. Stick Soccer 3D offers several hours of soccer action and enjoyment with its assortment of game types and customisable stickman teams. Experience the thrill of soccer from a whole new angle by stepping onto the virtual field!

How to Play


  1. Choose Your Team: Select your stickman soccer team from a roster of talented players.
  2. Customize Your Players: Personalize your stickman players with different hairstyles, jerseys, and accessories.
  3. Control Your Player: Use intuitive on-screen controls to move, dribble, and shoot the ball during matches.
  4. Compete in Matches: Engage in thrilling soccer matches against various opponents and score goals to win.
  5. Unlock Rewards: Earn coins and rewards as you progress, allowing you to unlock new players and accessories.



  • Play dynamic stickman soccer in a 3D universe with stickman characters and feel the thrill of the game.
    Play in a variety of game formats, such as tournaments, friendly matches, and more.
    Customizable Teams: Assemble a stickman soccer team with distinctive players and gear.
    Compete with Friends: Play multiplayer matches with your friends to create even more exciting moments.
    Nothing to buy in-app: Play the game for free without worrying about any hidden fees or in-app purchases—it’s totally free!

Platforms and Controls


  • iOS and Android devices
  • Web browsers


  • Touchscreen: Use on-screen controls to move your stickman player and perform actions during matches.
  • Keyboard and Mouse: Navigate with the arrow keys or WASD, and interact with the mouse during web browser play.


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