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Vex 3 Unblocked


Embark on a journey of skill and determination with “Vex 3 Unblocked,” a thrilling addition to the collection of 1000 free games to play with friends! Immerse yourself in a world of challenging obstacles and daring platforms as you and your pals tackle a series of intricate levels. With its adrenaline-pumping gameplay, competitive spirit, and intricate level design, “Vex 3 Unblocked” offers an engaging and collaborative experience that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Let’s dive into the game’s overview, how to play, exciting features, supported platforms, and intuitive controls.

“Vex 3 Unblocked” invites you and your friends to conquer a variety of hazardous challenges and obstacle-filled levels. Navigate through a series of fast-paced levels that demand quick reflexes and precise timing. Overcome spikes, saws, moving platforms, and other traps as you strive to reach the end of each level. With its engaging gameplay and intricate level design, “Vex 3 Unblocked” promises an exhilarating gaming experience that’s perfect for multiplayer fun.


How to Play


  1. Invite Your Friends: Gather your friends for a series of intense obstacle challenges.
  2. Control Your Character: Navigate your character through complex levels using agility and precision.
  3. Avoid Hazards: Dodge spikes, saws, and other obstacles to stay alive and progress.
  4. Use Parkour Skills: Utilize wall-jumping and other parkour techniques to overcome obstacles.
  5. Complete Levels: Aim to complete each level by overcoming obstacles and reaching the finish.




  • Challenging Obstacles: Engage in levels filled with hazardous traps and intricate challenges.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Challenge friends to conquer levels and achieve the best completion times.
  • Intricate Level Design: Navigate through levels with complex platforming and obstacles.
  • Parkour Elements: Utilize parkour techniques to overcome obstacles and navigate levels.


Platforms and Controls


  • Web Browsers
  • Multiplayer Mode



  • Web Browsers