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Vex 3 Xmas


Enjoy the fantastic platform game Vex 3 Xmas, which has a Christmas theme and a festive path to completion.Allow yourself to be taken on an exhilarating adventure across all wintry landscapes and shimmering snow-capped mountains with Vex, the quick-witted stick figure.Use your quick reactions and agility right away to go over every obstacle—from the most challenging to the most exotic—and take in the festive environment. Players of all ages can find hours of amusement in the cryptic, easy, and contagious tasks that make up Vex 3 Xmas’ gameplay.
Step into the holiday spirit by following the road that is decorated with strings of lights and ornamentations through levels that are well-designed in detail . Gather all the candy canes and presents on the journey to get more points and to access bonus items. However, there will be more challenges as the difficulty level rises. For instance, the computer will catch on to the pattern of frequent speed changes, and it may delay or interfere with the speed changes, making more precise control of the foot control more of a challenge. Yet, recognize the snow patches, the ice slopes and slippery surfaces that you need to watch out for.
The game presents the players with intuitive controls as well as dynamic level layouts, thus allowing them to easily get into the mood of the game even if it is their first time. However, the game at the same time can keep you occupied with its fairly challenging features that can keep you entertained for several hours. It is either challenge your friends and family to obtain the best time record package or relax and enjoy the festive mood as you freely check out each snowy area.

How to Play:

Once again in Vex 3 Xmas the players will have to guide Vex who will move through levels infested with mechanics that are designed in such a way as to make him fall into traps, navigate through challenges and solve tricky puzzles. Press the left and right arrow keys to Vex moves left or right. Also press the up arrow to jump. Try not to run over kids or hit any objects such as the potholes, curbs, twists and turns, pillars, and obstacles when collecting candy canes and presents. On each level, the last one, defeat all the enemies to move on to the next one. As you complete each stage, consider how quickly you could complete it.


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– Festive Holiday Theme: Immerse into the magical atmosphere of the season. Get cought into holiday-theme graphics, music and other details.– Challenging Levels: Try something different and test your skills with a collection of obstacles and puzzles to meet the needs of expert gamers around the world.

– Unlockable Rewards: Loder presents wrapped as a gift or a candy cane, which will unlock some bonus levels or surprise bonuses.

– Multiplayer Mode: Invite competitions expressly with friends and members of the family to find out who will manage to come up with the next level in less than time.

– Endless Replay Value: The game becomes very addictive and engrossing, with its very unique, addictive, level design and gameplay that goes on for hours on end.


Play Vex 3 over the holiday season on PC, mobile and the Web Browser.



– Using the arrows, direct VEx to the left or to the right.

– The key to fly is Up.

– Use spacebar to accomplishing special actions, including sliding. wall jumping and so on.