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 Stick Merge

Introduction: Discover the addictive world of Stick Merge, a captivating puzzle game available among the selection of 1000 free games to play. Engage your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills as you merge stick figures to create powerful warriors. Unleash your creativity, conquer challenging levels, and become the ultimate stick figure commander.

In Stick Merge, your task is to merge identical stick figures to create stronger and more advanced characters. Combine stick warriors of the same level to evolve them into more powerful units. Strategically merge and upgrade your stick figures to build an unstoppable army.

How to Play Stick Merge

  • Merge stick figures: Start by dragging and combining stick figures of the same level on the game board. Merge two identical stick figures to create a higher-level character. Experiment with different combinations to unlock new and more powerful stick warriors.
  • Plan your moves: Strategize your merges carefully to maximize your progress. Consider the available space on the game board, the positions of the stick figures, and the potential for future merges. Think ahead and make calculated moves to achieve optimal results.
  • Upgrade your army: As you merge stick figures and progress through the game, you’ll earn coins or other in-game currency. Use these resources to upgrade your stick warriors, enhancing their abilities and making them even stronger. Invest wisely in upgrades to build a formidable army.
  • Conquer challenging levels: Face a variety of levels and puzzles that increase in difficulty as you advance. Overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and achieve the level’s objectives by strategically merging and utilizing your stick figure army. Adapt your tactics and make clever moves to overcome each challenge.
  • Aim for high scores: Strive for high scores and aim to beat your previous records. Merge as many stick figures as possible within a limited number of moves or within a given time limit. Challenge yourself to achieve the highest score and showcase your mastery of Stick Merge.

Features of Stick Merge

  • TinyDobbins created the shooting game Stick Merge Gun.
    The stick figure animation technique used in the game has vibrant backgrounds and fluid motions.
  • Players command a stick person holding a gun who must defeat waves of hostile stick people.
    Players can combine several weapons in the game to create new, more potent weapons using the merging feature.
    By finishing stages, the player can collect coins that can be used on improvements for their gun or to unlock new weapons.
    With faster and more agile foes to defeat, the game gets harder as players go.
    Stick Merge Gun is a challenging to master but highly addictive game.


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 Stick Merge offers an addictive and strategic puzzle experience where merging stick figures leads to the creation of a powerful army. Combine, upgrade, and strategize your way through challenging levels as you aim to become the ultimate stick figure commander. Immerse yourself in this engaging game available among the selection of 1000 free games to play and embark on a merging adventure in Stick Merge.