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Step into the shoes of a skilled detective and unravel a captivating mystery in Murderer, a suspenseful game designed for young players among the array of free online games for kids. Engage in an immersive investigation, analyze clues, and solve puzzles to catch the culprit. Sharpen your detective skills and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and intrigue.

Murderer plunges players into a compelling detective story where they must use their observational and analytical abilities to solve a perplexing crime. Explore immersive environments, interact with intriguing characters, and gather evidence to uncover the truth behind the murder.

 How to Play Murderer

  • Investigate the crime scene: Begin your investigation by thoroughly examining the crime scene. Look for clues, collect evidence, and search for hidden objects that might lead you closer to the truth. Pay attention to details and be prepared to think critically.
  • Interrogate suspects: Interact with various characters involved in the case. Engage in conversations, ask probing questions, and listen carefully to their responses. Detect any inconsistencies or suspicious behavior that may reveal vital information.
  • Analyze evidence and solve puzzles: Examine the collected evidence in your detective’s inventory. Analyze fingerprints, decipher codes, and solve challenging puzzles to unlock new leads and progress in the investigation. Utilize your problem-solving skills and think outside the box.
  • Follow leads and gather information: Follow leads that emerge during your investigation. Visit different locations, talk to witnesses, and gather additional information that could shed light on the case. Expand your understanding of the mystery and piece together the puzzle.
  • Unmask the murderer: Utilize your gathered evidence, clues, and deductions to identify the culprit behind the crime. Make informed choices, trust your instincts, and uncover the truth that will bring the murderer to justice.


  • WASD: move
  • Space bar: jump
  • C: crouch
  • Shift: run
  • E: interact with entities
  • F: flashlight
  • LMB: to fire revolver or slash with the knife
  • RMB: to throw the knife
  • Q: emote
  • T: chat

Murderer presents an enthralling detective experience designed for young players among the selection of free online games for kids. Dive into a captivating mystery, search for clues, interrogate suspects, and solve puzzles to unravel the truth. Sharpen your detective skills, embark on an exciting adventure, and test your problem-solving abilities in Murderer.