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Now and then, you barely sense it, but aren’t you a detective yourself?¬†Be a part of a thrilling action-puzzle Impostor game in which you discover who the sneaky imposter is by figuring out the mysterious crew.¬†In aImpCWatchl and compelling mechanics, the Impostor keeps you entertained all the day long without stress no matter your age.Work along a space station giving a hand at different missions and looking for unusual events.¬†The masked crew member needs to find out himself who the impostor is using his detective skills before it’s too late.¬†All of a sudden, the anxiety comes, you are in the hurry to discover who the intruder is and save the crew.


Impostor is the ultimate family and friends game since it is the white-knuckle ride of a lifetime for all players. Well, you’re all set! Go get your team together, liven up your smartness, and go into Impostor’s dark world!

Impostor, a captivating detective-adventure game that will explore your skills and the acuteness of your feelings, is waiting for you! The crew assignment in this game is boarding of a space station with a crew of characters, but there are many faces to cover by a hidden impostor. What you will be doing is locating and uncovering as the danger grow greater. The game has an easy-to-grasp playstyle and giving you a feeling that you are really on your expedition and are in a real danger. Its missions are both exciting and thrilling and suitable for the people of all ages.

How to Play:

The game of Impostor is not cumbersome but is complex. With your character becoming a crew member on a space station as you, the player, will spend most of your time inside. Your main purpose is to get involved in various operations around the ship, and you also need to stay vigilant for any unusual activity from the crew. Keep in mind to watch your surroundings and other player codes of conduct to discover the elementary culprit. Use your intuitive to collect evidence and eventually weed out the real culprit. However, beware of that as they will try to mix in and try as harder as possible to ruin this mission. Along with other crew members, you should look for the imposter Рand maybe try to reveal himself before he destroys the space station.




Thrilling detective gameplay: As a character in the story, the impostor will be a master storyteller in a way that will make the mystery come to life, as you set out to identify the poser among the crew.

Simple mechanics: Impostor interface incorporates intuitive controls and gameplay that makes this gameplay enjoyable by both inexperienced and advanced gamers.

Dynamic environments: Try doing various things in the space station, object’s interaction, and task completion and collecting the clues, and you are halfway through the puzzle.

Multiplayer mode: Play online as a team with friends or against another players in PVP mode to see who will be the one to disclose the impostor first;

Customization options: Personalise your character and option for you to select from a wider range of skins, items and accessories to set yourself apart from others.


  • ¬†web browsers
  • mobile devices



  • Mouse/Touch: Navigate the game map and interact with tasks and characters.


Game Details:

  • Genre: Social Deduction, Mystery
  • Developer: Deceptive Minds