Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Bob Week

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FNF Vs. Bob Week


Friday Night Funkin”s mod FNF Vs. Bob Week (including Bob Onslaught) is one of the most perplexing and unexpected! During the first week, you’ll be confronted with a bizarre hand-drawn creature who will sing three new songs: Sunshine, Withered, and the horrifying Run! Bob’s Onslaught (the second week) features three songs: Ron Song, Trouble Song, and Onslaught Bob. Boyfriend will face a significant difficulty, and you’ll need to demonstrate a great sense of rhythm if you want to conclude the week on a high note! You can sample the very long Little Man Song as a bonus in the freeplay mod! There’s also a button on the home screen that lets you generate a farting noise, which is great for unwinding.