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Welcome to Cubes! Brace yourself to immerse yourself in a world that is totally filled with fun-adding and solving puzzles. Coming into this game you will be challenged by the merge cubes and has a very high target, 2048 cube to be precise.


Your task is straightforward: click on the cubes of the same number to accumulate larger number-cubes, and swipe to move the cubes in the direction you like.But I think you get the notion from the example I gave you, where I fill up my board quickly and my plan is one of the main things that makes me successful.


Having colorful graphics and gameplay that can make things easier makes Cube be great to all even beginning players. If you a causal Рor pro, you will not starve for the logical stumps. But if you are more, here is something you will like.


Thus, what is still holding you up? Show your talent in the role of a puzzle-solver and unravel all the puzzles put in the way with the nameless co-traveler to Cubes


Cubes is an extremely addictive puzzle game opposite which the seekers merge cubes and reach the undetectable humongous cube with number 2048 as game’s end.¬†For its easy gameplay, colorful graphics, and controls that are easy to microwave, it provides for a great player of all ages‚Äô fun.

How to Play:

In order to play playing the game, Cubes, just move the cubes in its different directions over the grid by sliding. Develoewr face a challenge to match cubes with the same number in order to create higher denomination cubes. As you move on with the game, you realize that the playing field fills up quicker and thus, comes the essence of strategic planning otherwise you fail to enjoy the win. The game is over when you are out of moves to take, so make your mind and skill work together to get the master cube of the 2048 number.


Addictive puzzle-solving gameplay: Conjure cubes and become the true owner of 2048 cube.

Colorful graphics: Take pleasure in the strong imagery that intensifies the gaming accenc.

Intuitive controls: All it takes is swiping to move the cubes any way you prefer.

Suitable for all ages: In the setting of Cubes, the player does not have obstacles that are to impede the game progress for players of any skill level.

Endless challenges: Try your hand at this brain-twister and find out how far you wish to advance.

Free to play: Let’s take a look at Cubes that you can download and very much enjoy on the device of your choice.



  • Move mouse = change direction
  • Hold left-click or space bar = speed up


  • Drag = move
  • Click the on-screen button = speed up



  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)