Car Parking City Duel

Game description
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Car Parking City Duel


Beep, beep and zoom, zoom, it’s time to enter the streets of Car Parking City Duel where the stakes are high, and the turning point can decide the fate of all the racers! It is in this exciting game that you will be challenged to prove your outsized abilities against drivers in heart crushing parking battles.


It is you revving your engine now, negotiating through these narrow spaces, and every 90 degree and every parallel parking is a challenge to be hurdled. The appropriated hardship starts to be more and more challenging, making players deal with extreme driving and strategic thinking in order to win over the rivalries.


However it’s not about speed is finesse and salutation of a winner. In addition to this, you will have to be clever and think in advance, understanding the fact that your moves will always be responded to and you will have to act quickly if you want to win.


While the challenge differs from busy city street to the parking lots that surrounds, each place makes its own way either obstacle or the opportunity. And with the option of selecting from a range of cars, you can personalize and coordinare with your own bow style.


Therefore, with with a tighten seat belt, this is it for the last-minute showdown in Car Parking City Duel. Have you got yourself ready to, in fact, purchase a car parking space in the capital city?

How to Play:

Playing Car Parking City Duel (means is as easy as one, two, three). In doing so, you can use the up and down keys or virtual buttons to control the movement of your vehicle and avoid congested city streets. Be watchful for obstacles like the traffic cones, barriers and the passing vehicles as you cruise towards the designated parking space. Apply your parking skills in square enclosed spaces to collect as much points as possible without striking a collision. Several tiers of progressively developing complexity will be formulated for the difficulty, so new challenge will always be waiting ahead to make things more interesting.


Realistic Environments: Get connected to the city streets in full passion with realistic graphic descriptions and well-done environment.

Challenging Levels: Develop your parking ability by exploring multiple levels, each one constituting a higher level than the one before.

Different Vehicles: Select from the amount of vehicles which include cars, trucks, and SUVs with different maneuvers and traits.

Various Parking Challenges: Simulate the situations you may come across in real life, including parallel parking, reversing parking, and capability of doing tight cornering.

Time Trials: Pressure yourself in the time trial mode; every passing second is beneficial as you try to beat your previous score.

Leaderboards: Compete with the other players around the world and get to the leaderboard to bring out your inner parking legend.


  • Web: Play directly in web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.



  • Arrow Keys/WASD: Use arrow keys or WASD for car movement.
  • Spacebar: Apply brakes to halt your car.


Game Details:

  • Genre: Simulation, Parking
  • Developer: UrbanDrive Studios