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Agame Stunt Cars


Scooters, be ready to explore the amazing world of Agame Stunt Cars and test the limits of your reactions. There, you will be equipped with a powerful automobile of your choosing, which you must use to navigate challenging courses and pull off well-earned tricks.
As you wait for your turn, the daring jumps and heart-stopping freestyles will send shivers down your spine. Your heart will hurt from the adrenaline of each level, which you will never forget.Thanks to the state-of-the-art physics and cutting edge controls, you will definitely feel like a top performance as you aim for the impossible high bounds.
Therefore, proceed into the fast track with your hands on the wheel and anticipate loads of adrenaline rush by experiencing the “Agame Stunt Cars”. This will guarantee an out of this world experience like no other.

While in  Agame Stunt Cars get set for a rollercoaster of adrenaline excitement and make available a myriad of high-powered vehicles to perform the wildest stunts ever! To go around the complicated tracks, filled with bumps and ramps, maneuver speed and courage required, demonstrate your driving skills.


How to Play

Performing a stunt with “Agame Stunt Cars” is enjoying a simple game at a top level. Use the up and down keys for a pick up and press the space bar to brake. Alternatively, use the left and right arrow keys to steer your vehicle. 


Learn how to use the game’s basic controls by using the spacebar to trigger nitro boosts, which will accelerate your car to even greater heights.The goal of the minigame is to complete the level, gather every penny, and earn the best score possible.



Fun Stunt Tracks: Test your skills on a number of challenging tracks where you’ll have to perform jumps, loops, and obstacles.

Variety of Vehicle Options: Unlike any other vehicle on the market, choose from our selection of the most potent models in the class, each one tailored to your unique requirements and high-performance tastes.

Nitro Boosts: Reach nitro boosts to maximize your speed and appear like a true pro while handling amazing stunts.

Gather Coins: Gather coins that are strewn all over the place as the train moves along and utilize them to unlock additional vehicles and upgrades.

Multiplayer Mode: In this mode, you can teach your pals a new talent. See who can pull off the most incredible trick in the multiplayer arena.





  • web browsers
  • mobile



  • Arrow Keys: Control car movement.
  • Spacebar: Activate the handbrake for precise control.
  • C: Change camera view for better visibility.


Game Details:

  • Genre: Racing, Stunt
  • Developer: Agame Studios
  • Release Date: June 2018